About HOV Harlingen
Transshipment hub in the Northern Netherlands

About our terminal
with warehouses

HOV Harlingen is strategically located in the Port of Harlingen directly adjacent to the Wadden Sea. Our terminal with warehouses can be reached by seagoing vessel as well as by barge. We provide storage and transport for various goods for numerous importers and exporters. Whether it concerns bulk goods such as potatoes, project cargo or containers, we load and unload all types of cargo with our mobile harbor cranes.

Short sea

Harlingen is located directly on the North Sea. Short sea vessels can call at our terminal quickly and easily. In the coming years we will expand our short sea activities for import and export cargo to and from the United Kingdom, the Baltic Sea and Scandinavia.

in the port

HOV Harlingen contributes to a healthier living environment with its services. By shifting cargo from the road to water, the emission of harmful substances decreases. Also, the circulation on the roads will improve. With our diesel-electric inland vessel, reach stacker with the latest Stage V engines, gas forklifts and solar panels on the roof, we are ready for a more sustainable future.

Inland shipping

Our terminal in Port of Harlingen is connected to the container terminals in the seaports of Amsterdam and Rotterdam via the inland container shipping corridor. With our fixed sailings your containers are in time at the right deep sea terminal in Rotterdam, Amsterdam & Antwerp. Inland shipping is also a reliable alternative to road transport for import cargo.

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